“BAILE TOKYO” documentary film on F.C.TOKYO to come to theatres

While its production was previously announced, we would like to announce today that the title and the details of the showing have been decided for the documentary film which recorded the 2015 season of F.C.Tokyo.

[F.C. Tokyo Documentary Film Details]

* Title:    “BAILE TOKYO”

* Story:
From Tokyo to the world!
Japan’s capital city of Tokyo with the population of 13 million. F.C.Tokyo, the J.League’s top tier football club, in that one of the biggest cities in the world. Tokyo, as it has outgrown the simple word of “city”, has all different kinds of people when it comes to football, from die-hard F.C.Tokyo supporters to those who never gets interested in football much less F.C.Tokyo. What do they want from Tokyo?
What has the 2015 season the club battled through communicated to those people in Tokyo?
Excitement, pride, unity and…
The documentary film “BAILE TOKYO” that recorded the 2015 season of the players, club and supporters will come to the theatres in Kanto!

* Opening Date:    
Saturday 20 February, 2016 at Shinjuku Wald 9 and other limited theatres in the Kanto region
Saturday 13 February, 2016 Advanced screening at TOHO Cinemas Fuchu

* Credits: (c) BAILE TOKYO the movie production committee

* Distributing agency: e-License

* Distribution support: T-Joy
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    T-Joy    Phone: 03-3248-8174

* Official Website:baile-tokyo.jp

* Inquiry on promotion:    Yoake    Phone: 03-6804-5048 Fax: 03-6804-5049