“F.C.Tokyo Park Fuchu Summer Festival” to be held

First we would like to thank our fans for the continuous support for our F.C.Tokyo Park Fuchu.
F.C.Tokyo Park Fuchu, which the club is in charge of its daily operation and management, will jointly hold “F.C.Tokyo Park Fuchu Summer Festival” together with Isetan Department Store Fuchu Store and Foris, the specialty stores shopping complex.
There will be many fun events that welcome everybody to enjoy.

[F.C. Tokyo Park Fuchu Summer Festival]
- Date and time
Saturday 8 August 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
* Open hours are different for some of the sub-events.

- Event details
1) Main Venue (at F.C.Tokyo Park Fuchu) 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
- “Ennichi” zone
- “Water fun zone
- Attacking target game (Volleyball style attraction)
- Football pitch open for free use
- Food and drinks available for purchase
* Water fun zone and football pitch open for free use are only for families with children under 6 years old. (Children who are not yet in elementary school.)    
2) Tokyo Dorompa “Fuwafuwa” inflatable kids attraction (at Keyaki Square on the 1st floor of Foris) 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
* Details will be announced when determined.
3) Tokyo Dorompa visit (at Isetan Fuchu store)
* Dorompa is scheduled to make a visit. Detailed hours will be announced when determined.
4) “F.C.Tokyo Park Fuchu Summer Festival” Stamp Rally
For the Rally participation, stamp collection cards will be provided on the event day at “F.C.Tokyo Booth” located as a part of “Fuchu Commerce Festival” at Ookunitama Shrine
Complete the collection of stamps at Foris, Isetan Fuchu Store and F.C.Tokyo Park Fuchu.
First 500 finishers will get a participation prize.
Also lucky winners of a draw among the participants of the Rally will get F.C.Tokyo team goods, Isetan Fuchu Store goods or Foris goods.

- Notice to F.C.Tokyo Park Fuchu users
* Please refrain from bringing in your own ball. Balls will be provided by the facility when necessary.
* The facility is located on the roof top of a building. Playing with a ball is prohibited outside of the pitch.
* Cleats and high heels are not allowed onto the pitch.
* Drinks other than water are not allowed onto the pitch.

- For more information
F.C.Tokyo Park Fuchu
Phone: 042-314-1380 (10 a.m. to 10 p.m.)
E-mail: event@fctokyoparkfuchu.jp
HP: http://www.fctokyoparkfuchu.jp
[Official Twitter account]
F.C.Tokyo Park Fuchu @fctparkfuchu (URL: http://twitter.com/fctparkfuchu)