Quarter-final matchups determined for 2015 J.League Yamazaki Nabisco Cup

F.C.Tokyo announce that the club’s quarter-final matchup in the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup Finals has been determined as follows by the open draw held today.
2015 J.League Yamazaki Nabisco Cup Quarter-finals
[Match 1]
F.C.Tokyo v. Kashima Antlers
Wednesday 2 September, Ajinomoto Stadium, Kick-off time: 7:00pm

[Match 2]
Kashima Antlers v. F.C.Tokyo
Sunday 6 September, Kashima Soccer Stadium, Kick-off time: 6:30pm

Home match ticket sales begin:
On Wednesday 5 August for advance sales.
On Wednesday 12 August for general sales.

* SOCIO priority sales
Although the tickets for the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup Finals are not part of the season ticket, we have priority sales for our SOCIO members.

1.Match for priority sales
2015 Yamazaki Nabisco Cup Finals Quarter-final Match 1
Wednesday 2 September v. Kashima Antlers (Ajinomoto Stadium, Kick-off time: 7:00pm)
2.SOCIO priority sales details
For each match, SOCIO members have a chance to purchase the seat of the same number as their own season ticket. [Same Reserved Seat Sales] Regardless of their seat type of the season ticket, they may also select a seat category they prefer, in which case up to 4 seats per match are available with one SOCIO number. [Category Selection Sales]
3.Priority sales schedule
[Same Reserved Seat Sales] From Monday 3 August to Wednesday 19 August
[Category Selection Sales] From Monday 3 August to Tuesday 1 September

4.Priority sale price, How to purchase
One example of the discount is that the price of a home-side open seat goes down from 2,300 yen for general sales to 1,700 yen for priority sales. Priority sales tickets can be purchased either with Loppi machines at Lawson stores or through our website. Details on the various prices and purchasing means will be mailed with the “AO-AKA Tsusin (club periodicals exclusively for SOCIO members and others)” to be sent out on Wednesday 8 July. If you do not receive the magazine even one week after the date above, please notify our sales department at 03-3635-8960.   

* Another letter announcing “Same Reserved Seat Sales” is also sent specifically to SOCIO members with a reserved-seat at the same time as but separately from “AO-AKA Tsushin”.
* For our corporate season ticket holders
The priority sales are also available to our corporate season ticket holders. The sales schedule and purchasing means are different from the ones for our SOCIO members. Please find the letter explaining the sales for our corporate season-ticket holders to be sent out on Friday 10 July.  
* For our Club Support Members
The Yamazaki Nabisco Cup matches are not included in the tickets available with “Home Open Seat Voucher” awarded to our Club Support Members. Please be informed in advance.