Announcement of players selected to national team’s training camp squad

F.C.Tokyo proudly announce that our players, Shuichi Gonda, Masato Morishige, Kosuke Ota, Takuji Yonemoto and Yoshinori Muto have been selected to the training camp squad of Japan National Team disclosed today by the Japan Football Association (JFA). The camp is to be held on 12 and 13 May.  

Comments by Players

Shuichi Gonda
“It’s a short camp, but I will learn as much as possible the football the coach expects from us, and at the same time I will work hard to get better as a player.”
Masato Morishige
“I am honoured very much to be selected to the national team. I will take every minute of this short camp of two days seriously to understand what the coach is trying to do. I will make the two days productive.”
Kosuke Ota
“I owe this national team selection to all the fans and supporters who help me every day. It’s a short camp, but I will do all my best to make it a productive camp.”
Takuji Yonemoto
“It’s a great honour to be selected to the national team. This means I will represent my club, so I will make sure not to embarrass the name of Tokyo, and I will learn the team’s tactics. I also try to learn as many new things as possible and take it back to my club and for myself.”

Yoshinori Muto
“I am very happy that five players have been selected from our Tokyo club this time. We have limited amount of time before the World Cup qualifiers, and this camp is one of the important one during that period. I will make these two days meaningful, working with my head coach, other coaching staff, team staff and all the teammates.”