Kento Hashimoto transfers to Football Club Rostov

F.C.TOKYO announce the permanent transfer of Kento Hashimoto to Football Club Rostov.

【Kento Hashimoto Profile】
□Position: MF
□Date of Birth: August 16, 1993
□Place of Birth: Itabashi-ward, Tokyo
□Height/Weight: 183cm/76kg
□Career History:
2006-2008 F.C.TOKYO U-15Fukagawa
 2007 Takamadonomiya Cup All Japan Youth (U -15) Soccer Championship 3rd place
 2008 Takamadonomiya Cup All Japan Youth (U -15) Soccer Championship Winner
2009-2011 F.C.TOKYO U-18
 2009 JFA Prince League, U-18, Kanto 2009 Champions
 2009 Japan Club Youth Soccer Championship (U-18) Champions
 2009 J Youth SUNSTAR TONIC CUP J.League Youth Championship Winner
 2010 JFA Prince League, U -18, Kanto 2010 Champions
 2010 Takamadonomiya Cup All Japan Youth (U -18) Soccer Championship Second place
 2010 J. League Youth Championship runner-up
 2011 *join the top team as a second-class registered player
2012-2013.08 F.C.TOKYO
2013.08-2014 Roasso Kumamoto ※temporary transfer
2015- F.C.TOKYO
 2019 J League Award for Best Player

□International Career
2011 U-18 National Team
2012 U-19 National Team
2016 U-23 National Team
2019 National Team

□Recorded Appearances (As of July 9, 2020)

□Comment from Kento Hashimoto
Since I joined FC Tokyo's soccer school at the age of 10, I have proudly lived most of my life as a 'Kento Hashimoto of FC Tokyo' for about 17 years. Since 2018, I have been carrying Naohiro Ishikawa's 18th hole, and I have been aiming to become a team symbol player, so I have decided to move overseas, which has been my dream since I was a child.
I am very grateful to the club and the coaches who helped me with my dream of going overseas.
Looking back on my professional career, I have had many difficulties, including hardships and frustrations, but I was able to overcome them all thanks to the support of my family, teammates, staff, and fans and supporters who supported me.
I feel sad that I won't be able to meet you at Kodaira Grand or Ajista, but I would like to challenge myself with the 'F.C.TOKYO Tamashii' and 'Blue Red Soul' that I have cultivated so far in my new world!
I will do my best so that my activities will reach Japan, so I hope you will continue to care about me!
Finally, everyone involved with F.C.TOKYO, thank you very much for a long time.
I sincerely hope F.C.TOKYO will win the championship. "