Announcement of Rei Hirakawa’s Return to F.C.Tokyo

We are pleased to announce that Rei Hirakawa, who had been transferred to Kagoshima United FC under a time-limited transfer, will return to F.C.Tokyo upon expiration of the transfer contract.

【Rei Hirakawa Profile】

□ Position: MF
□ Date of Birth: April 20th, 2000
□ Place of Birth: Chofu, Tokyo
□ Height / Weight: 176cm / 72kg
□ Background:
2007.4-2013.3 Uenohara SC
2013.4-2016.3 F.C.Tokyo U-15 Musashi
Runner-up in the 30th Japan Club Youth U-15 Football Championship 
2016.4-2017.10 F.C.Tokyo U-18
Winner in the 40th Japan Club Youth U-18 Football Championship 
Winner in the 24th J-Youth Cup J-League Youth Tournament 2016
Winner in the 41st Japan Club Youth U-18 Kanto Football Championship
Winner in the 41st Japan Club Youth U-18 Football Championship 

2016 & 2017: F.C.Tokyo (Second-seed player)
2017.11-2019.07 F.C.Tokyo
2019.07- Kagoshima United FC *Time-limited transfer

□ Representation History:
2015: Japan U-15 National Team
2016: Japan U-16 National Team
2017: Japan U-17 National Team (Played in FIFA U-17 World Cup in India)
2018: Japan U-18 National Team, Japan U-19 National Team
2019: Japan U-20 National Team

□ Game Appearance Record (as of the end of 2019 season):

□Rei Hirakawa Comment

“Hello everyone in F.C.Tokyo. 

I will be returning to F.C.Tokyo for the 2020 season. 

The half year that I spent in Kagoshima United FC was an exceptionally meaningful time for me, and I am looking forward to making the achievement on the pitch after gaining all the experience there!”