Taishi Brandon Nozawa (F.C.Tokyo U-18) to join club from next season

F.C.Tokyo would like to announce that Taiashi Brandon Nozawa (F.C.Tokyo U-18) will join the club starting from next season.
【Profile: Taishi Brandon Nozawa】

□ Position: GK

□ Date of Birth: 25th December 2002
□ Place of Birth: Okinawa Prefecture
□ Height/Weight: 193cm/90kg
□ Career & Honours:
2012-2014 Nagata Dragon F.C.
2015-2017  F.C. Ryukyu U-15
2018-   F.C.Tokyo U-18
2018年 F.C.Tokyo (U-23)
2019年 F.C.Tokyo (U-23)
Winner - 20th Tokyo Club Youth Football Championship 

□ National Career:
2017: U-15 Japan National Team /  2018: U-16 Japan National Team / 2019: U-17 Japan National Team, U-18 Japan National Team

□ Appearance Record (As of end of 2019 season):

□ Strengths
A tall goalkeeper that confidently deals with high balls.

□Taishi Brandon Nozawa Comment
“I’m so happy to be able to start my professional career as a player for a club like F.C.Tokyo. 

I’ll never forget how grateful I am to everyone that’s been involved in my development so far, and to the people I’m going to meet from here on. 

I’m going to give my all for F.C.Tokyo. Becoming a pro isn’t my goal in life, it’s just the beginning.

I’m going to work my hardest out there on the pitch, so I hope you’ll all be cheering me on.”