New Uniforms for the 2020 Season!

We are pleased to announce the design of the uniform for the 2020 season.

□Design Theme
『Keep doing』~ With the mission in mind、face the future~

2020 is the year of the Olympic Games, where the Tokyo Olympics will be held and will attract a lot of attention not only from within Japan but also from overseas. 

It is incorporated with the strong determination and desire to be a team that "keeps on growing", facing the future, and compete globally as the club team of Tokyo, the capital of Japan that's connected to the world.

【J1 League Uniform】

It uses a continuous and dynamic pin-dot stripe with the team color blue and red as base, and with the concept of this season's design theme, [Keep doing].
The continuous arrangement of the pin-dot stripes has in it the strong desire to be a winning team that continues to win without any interruption.


A newly used graphic design that expresses the calm, cool, and collected image of the players using the <pin dot> that was also used in the first uniform, and a white and cool silver color. 
It has the strong determination of fighting continuously for victory without losing to the pressure of away games, and losing concentration.




<Name & Number Design>
J1 League Uniform’s Name & Number Design

※For the name & number color, it will be “white” in FP・1st、GK・2nd、GK・3rd , and it   will be “red” in FP・2nd、GK・1st .

【AFC Champions League Uniform】

The design uses the lively asymmetrical pin-dot stripes, the design motif of this season, which is used in J1 league uniforms. 

The pin-dot stripes crossing each other up and down has the image of athletes who run around the field with agility and power, and expresses the determination of the team aiming for the top.



<Name & Number Design>

AFC Champions League Uniform’s Name & Number Design

※The name & number color is “white” in FP・1st and “red” in FP・2nd.

□About the Uniform Sales

・ Reservation of J1 league uniform for 2020 season will begin on January 10 (Friday).

※ Details of uniform sales will be announced once more on the F.C.Tokyo Official Website.

・ Click here for advance sales of AFC Champions League uniforms

・ The announcement of the U-23 uniform design and sales overview will be announced around mid-February.