Hotaka Nakamura will join F.C.TOKYO from next season

F.C.TOKYO announce that Hodaka Nakamura(Meiji University) will join F.C. TOKYO for next season.

【Profile of Kazuya Konno】
□ Position : DF
□ Birth Date : 12th August 1997
□ Birth Place : Kanagawa
□ Height/Weight : 177㎝/72kg
□ Career History:

2005.7-2007.3 FC Takasaka
2007.4-2010.3 Yokohama F・marinos Primary Oppama
2010.4-2013.3 Yokohama F・marinos Jr.Youth Oppama
2013.4-2016.3 Nihon University highschool
2016.4-        Meiji University

□International Career

2018 All-Japan University Selection

2019 All-Japan University Selection, Universiade Japan National Team

□Comment from Hodaka Nakamura
"I am Takataka Nakamura from Meiji University who will join Tokyo next season. I am very happy to start a professional career in a traditional club. I will do my best to show my gratitude to the family and all those who have supported me so far. And from this moment on, I will be aware and responsible for being a Tokyo player, and I will do my best to become a club power with my whole body, so thank you for your support."