Masayuki Yamada transfers to Avispa Fukuoka on a loan deal

F.C.TOKYO announce that Masayuki Yamada transfers to FC Machida Zelvia on a loan deal.

【Masayuki Yamada Profile】

□Position : DF
□Date of Birth : 1994/10/01/
□Place of Birth: Saitama Prefecture
□Height/Weight 186cm/80kg
□Blood Type:A

2010 - 2012 Aomori Yamada High School
           2012 Inter Scholastic Athletic Meet Valuable Player
           2012  All-Japan High School Soccer Tournament Valuable Player

2013- Hosei University
2015 All-Japan University Selection
2016 JFA・J League Special license player( Accepted y F.C. TOKYO)

2017-2018 F.C.TOKYO

2019- FC Machida Zelvia

"I haven't had the season I wanted for the last six months, but I'm sure to come back to Tokyo. Thank you for your continued support."