Kazunori Yoshimoto transfers to Shimizu S-Pulse

F.C.TOKYO announced that Kazunori Yoshimoto transfers to Shimizu S-Pulse.

- Position: DF
- Date of Birth: July 23rd 1987
- Place of Birth: Machida Tokyo
- Height/Weight: 178cm/ 78kg
- Career & Honours:
2003-2005 Azabu University High School

2006-2008 Yokohama FC

2009-2011 Shimizu S-PULSE

2012-2015 F.C.TOKYO

2016 SBV Vitesse(Netherlands)
2017-2018.6 F.C.TOKYO

2018.6- Avispa Fukuoka


2007 U-20 National Team
2010年 National Team
2014年 National Team
2015年 National Team
2016年 National Team

□ Comment

"It has been 19 years since I entered F.C.TOKYO U-15, but for the first time I was completely transferred from Tokyo. Now that I am 31 years old, I have walked with Tokyo all the way from childhood to adults and fathers. I will travel to become a player who can be proud of being raised in Tokyo as a player raised in Tokyo.

I can't say hello to fans and supporters directly, but it's awkward, but my thoughts on the players from the subordinate organization and the wonderful friends who are coming to Tokyo from other teams and fighting together I want to entrust you. Fans and supporters, team members, coaches who grew up in the sub-organizational era, and the support of everyone in hard times and hard times, are still fighting as soccer players. I love Tokyo and Kodaira! I'm really thankful to you."