F.C.TOKYO Ticket Information
Ticket Purchase

How to Purchase Ticket
1. Go to “https://tixee.tv/feature/fctokyo_english
2. Register tixee and Install tixee App (FREE)
3. Make payment (Credit Card or PayPal) and (Convenience Store or ATM available only in Japan)
※No fee
4. Download Ticket to tixee App
※ No fee
5. Show ticket screen of “My Ticket” in tixee App at the gate
tixee App
[Apple Store] https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/tixee-app/id548811105
[Google Play] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tv.tixee.tixapp

How to buy
Access the F.C.TOKYO web-page at Ticketbis and choose the match from the list. Fill in your information at the check out page.
Credit card and other payment options are available depending on the country.
Ticket Delivery
Tickets delivered at your hand by JP in Japan (your home, hotel, apartment, etc) or by FedEx in other country. Local shipment fee is included on the web price. International shipment issues additional delivery fee.
Global Platform
Clicking the link you'll be redirected to our global ticketing website. Ticketbis is in 50+ countries and 22+ languages letting you buy your tickets in the desired currency.
English (USD): http://www.ticketbis.com/en/f-c-tokyo-tickets/ca9273
English (GBP): http://www.ticketbis.net/f-c-tokyo-tickets/ca9273
English (AUD): http://www.ticketbis.com/en-au/f-c-tokyo-tickets/ca9273
English (SGD): http://www.ticketbis.com.sg/f-c-tokyo-tickets/ca9273
中文 - 繁體 (HKD): http://www.ticketbis.com.hk/fc-tokyo/ca9273
中文 - 简体 (CNY): http://www.ticketbis.com.cn/fc-tokyo/ca9273
中文 - 繁體 (TWD): http://www.ticketbis.com/tw/fc-tokyo/ca9273
한국어 (KRW): http://www.ticketbis.co.kr/fc-tokyo/ca9273
ไทย (THB): http://www.ticketbis.com/th/fc-tokyo/ca9273
Iitaliano (EUR): http://www.ticketbis.it/fc-tokyo/ca92733
Deutsch (EUR): http://www.ticketbis.com/de-de/fc-tokyo/ca9273

Ticket Prices

▼It will be enlarged by clicking the image .

Ajinomoto Stadium seat split view
Ajinomoto Stadium ticket price
※ "Back SB seats ," " Home SG seats " will be sold only annual ticket .
※ Some seats may not be for sale due to the ticket sales situation.
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