Club Policy
To attract a wide range of support from all sections of local society.
To be a "J-Club for the People".
To be a "Hometown Club", open to all.

<F.C.Tokyo Basic Principles>

F.C.Tokyo aims to become a local club for the people by collaborating with local society, administration and business to develop systematically in the long term.

To develop, through football, the physical and mental health of youth and to promote the health of the local population and bring pleasure.
To encourage sporting culture and contribute to local growth through international exchange and friendship.
To embrace, in the near future, sports other than football, in both competitive and recreational forms, and contribute to local society through them. To promote “Lifetime Sport” through the base of a J.League club.
To become a fitting symbol of the capital city that nurtures the dreams of young people. To develop a broad fan base,promote feelings of regional identification and solidarity and be active in the local community.
To create football schools and clinics and promote football through co-operation and collaboration with schools and local areas through various events. Beginning with young people, to offer guidance and leadership in matters relating to football to all levels of local society.

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