2017.07.19 The secound half of 2017 Home Game Fixture is ready !
2017.07.12 JANG HYUN SOO joins F.C. TOKYO
2017.07.12 LIPE VELOSO joins F.C. TOKYO
2017.07.12 Jakkit joins F.C. TOKYO on loan deal
2017.07.12 Takuma Abe will move to Ulsan Hyundai FC.
2017.06.23 End of the contract with Nathan Burns
2017.06.17 About overseas trip to Germany
2017.06.05 About the 2017 J. League YBC Levain Cup PLAY-OFF stage schedule
2017.05.02 Both Hatano and Kubo were selected to U-20 Japan National squad
2017.04.24 2017 F.C. TOKYO official sticker is now on sale!
2017.03.21 About partnership with BANGKOK UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB(Thai League Divison 1)
2017.03.18 Nathan Burns had been selected to Australian national squad.
2017.03.16 Masato Morishige, Yojiro Takahagi, Akihiro Hayashi were selected to SAMURAI BLUE (Japan National Team) squad.
2017.03.14 Go Hatano had been selected to U-20 Japan national squad
2017.03.07 F.C.TOKYO 2017 English leaflet is ready !
2017.03.03 Announcement of “The Great East Japan Earthquake / Kumamoto Earthquake reconstruction support J League TEAM AS ONE fund raising ”
2017.03.03 Announcement of new club sponsor
2017.03.02 Announcement of new club sponsor
2017.03.01 Peter Utaka joined F.C.TOKYO on a loan deal
2017.03.01 Announcement of Go Hatano(U-20 Japan Representative candidates)
2017.02.23 About partnership with Bina Taruna Football Academy
2017.01.25 2017 Home Game Fixture is ready
2017.01.25 Yojiro Takahagi joins F.C. TOKYO from next season
2017.01.19 Ha Daesung moves to F.C. Seoul(Korea) permanently.
2017.01.15 2017 Season uniform's Pre Order
2017.01.15 F.C. TOKYO slogan for 2017 season!
2017.01.14 Cancellation of contract with Shuichi Gonda
2017.01.14 Keigo Higashi joins F.C. TOKYO
2017.01.13 2017 Season 2nd uniform and GK uniform design was released!
2017.01.12 F.C.TOKYO host OMIYA in 2017 home opener!
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